File 0001.3: The D.A.D. Files part 1…the first three months…wait has it been three months already?!

It seems all I do on my own blog is write how I should write more. It’s strange how, for something I consider my hobby or even my dream job I am bad at keeping a schedule.

It was easier when I had to write a column every month to put on the radio because then you are being forced. Nobody is harmed if I do not write.

Having said that…time to write something. I am writing a new novel that is different from the Fantastical tale and which I intend to publish after it’s finished. Progress is slow but there.

I also still want to continue with the Fantastical tale so I will. However, as you might have expected from the above incredibly lame title pun…I have recently become a dad and combined with a new job it’s taking up a lot of time.

Not that I’m complaining…that often…

I will only write about my own experience and cannot and will not speak for my partner. It has been amazing.

Every day I find myself in amazement at how wonderful it is to have a small person in your life that then…poops so much you wonder where it all comes from.

The first two weeks alone she projectile pooped all over the baby room, me, the person who was helping us, my partner, and me.

But it’s wonderful, to have such a small person…who wakes up 2-3 a night and screams uncontrollably.

To be fair, mostly I sleep through it and my lovely partner is dealing with the midnight feedings…good too as I miss the required body parts to do so.

There is also not a lot I can do aside from holding her, changing her diaper, and walking with her to calm her down (the baby, not my partner) so I just remind myself that our neighbors have a three-year-old that yells a lot so they probably won’t complain…probably.

In general, though, it’s wonderful, and being a parent feels like it was meant to be and I think that’s what I try to keep in mind when I have those feelings of self-doubt regarding my daughter. Because nothing makes me happier than seeing her tiny little face looking up at me…and then projectile pooping all over me like she is trying to maintain a steady velocity toward space…nothing.

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  • Kelly

    As a representative of the public, interested in more projectile-based writing, I hereby declare that we demand more such writings of the aforementioned variety.

    Yours truly,


    Representative of the public

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