File 0002.1: The Fantastical Tale of Mister Edinger part 7

He thought of mountains, of desserts, of anything that contained ground-related elements. He opened his eyes (which he again had closed without noticing). A tiny piece of rock lifted up and dropped down before reaching the fire.

“Seriously?” he moaned.

“It will get better, I promise,”

But it didn’t get better, he tried wind, fire, and electricity but all he could produce was a small breeze, a fire with which you could light a cigarette, and a spark that could not even charge an AAA battery.

“This is getting ridiculous…” Edward said. “I give up,” he sat down. Brianne sat down next to him.

“Well, at least you have shown you can do magic, even though it is next to useless,” she joked.

Edward raised an eyebrow. “Weird motivational speech,”

“I’m not a life coach, also not really a teacher, just a sorceress, looks like you are a sorcerless,” she laughed. Edward stood up angry.

“I know what you are trying to do,” he said angrily.

“Is it working?”

“The angry part yes,” he said. Holding out his hand again towards a pile of rocks put together to test his electricity power. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the top rock was blasted 10 meters away but not by electricity or wind.

“Wowwww” Brianne and Edward said at the same time.

“That was not the wind element,” she said.

“What was it then?” Edward asked. He raised his hand again, trying to summon in himself the same feeling he had before but nothing happened.

“I think it was telekinesis, the magic that allows you to move stuff with your mind,” she said, demonstrating it by pulling one of the rocks towards her.

“That’s very advanced magic. If you can already do this untrained. Just imagine what you could do…”

Suddenly Arthur came out of nowhere and he looked more agitated than Edward had seen him before. You got a message. They need you in Aria!” he said. He held out a paw with a note. Brianne took it and read it quickly.

“Okay, I really need to go…ehm…why don’t you come with me, we can practice during our travels and Aria is close to the place we need to go anyway to get you back home,” she said.

“Very convenient…” Edward mumbled but he nodded. They both went back inside the hut. As Edward had nothing on him he didn’t need to pack for himself but Brianne packed for two. Food, water, camping supplies. She divided them into two bags that could be worn over the shoulders.

“How are you with hiking?”

“I was on a hike when I got here so eh…pretty okay?” he said. He took one of the bags and placed it on his shoulders. Before he even got them comfortable tight, Arthur also jumped on.

“Really Arthur?” Edward said looking at him with a side eye

“I’m a tiny cat, we have to walk for days, do you really think I can do that?” he said, turning his eyes big trying look cute. Edward grumbled…it worked too.

“Arthur is right, it’s at least a three-day walk, we better get going,” Brianne said. Edward nodded. They went outside and down. Brianne performed some complicated-looking magic and her tree house locked itself and turned into a normal-looking tree.

“How will you find it back?” Edward said. It looked like every other tree in the vicinity.

“Homing spell,” she said as if that was enough explanation. She turned around and started walking. Edward caught up with her.

“So, will you tell me why we are going to Aria, aside from getting me home, who is asking your help, what is going on,” Brianne looked at him, deciding if he could be trusted it seemed?

“The Baron who is also the mayor of the Aria requested my help to save his daughter,”

“Save his daughter? What, was she kidnapped by a dragon or something?” Edward asked. Suddenly afraid dragons were a thing in this world.

“Nooo silly…dragons live far up north…not in this area,” she said laughing. “Nooo, she got involved in some gang-related business, typical teenager stuff…although she is a bit too old for teenager stuff I assume…either way. She got herself kidnapped or we are looking at a serious case of her becoming a career criminal. Either way…Baron Morten is an old friend of mine and she is my goddaughter…I would look to see her safely returned,”

“Naturally,” Edward said. He had the feeling that Brianne was not completely straight with him but decided to ignore it for now. They walked for a couple of minutes in silence when Brianne spoke.

“Let’s try some magic while we walk, open your hand with palm up and concentrate, envision the element of your choosing to form there in a spherical shape,” she said performing the motion. A fireball appeared in the middle of her hand.

Edward nodded and imitated her move. He focused very hard on trying to create a fireball as well.

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