File 0001.9: The Fantastical Tale of Mr. Edinger part 6

She stood up and went outside without a word. Edward looked at the door and then realized she wanted him to follow her. He got up quickly and went outside. It took a while before he found her. He went down the stairs and found a hedged open area behind the tree where Brianne was standing.

“Lesson 1, most magic is based on one of the elements, fire, water and stuff like that, activating that requires you to channel these elements into what you want to do, let’s start with something relatively save, water” she said in a voice which reminded him of his teacher from Primary school.

She pointed her finger at a bunch of wood in the middle of the clearing and a small flame fired out of her finger and lit the wood.

“Your job is to extinguish the flame, point your finger, take a deep breath and feel the water within you” she said. Edward snickered.


“Nothing, you just sounded all very yoga mum all of a sudden, “feel the water within me””

She looked at him. “What is yoga?”

“Never mind,” Edward said. He pointed his finger at the fire. “Alright, feel the water within me, feel the water within me,” Edward suddenly felt he had to pee. “I’m sure that’s not the water she was referring to,” he thought to himself. He imagined a lake, trying to see the water in front of his eyes, trying to smell it, feel it but nothing happened. He opened his eyes he did not realize he had closed. The flame was still there.

“I can’t do it,”

“Do you really think that after one attempt you could do it? If that was the case everybody would be a sorcerer on this Earth, try again,” she said matter-of-factly.

Edward pointed his finger again and concentrated and willed the water to flow through to him. A miserable little spray of water came out of his finger and evaporated before it reached the fire.

“Well…it’s a start,” Brianne said without trying to laugh. Edward looked at his finger.

“I guess I can water my plants,” he said. “if I had any…”

“Take it easy on yourself, you did two attempts, it will get better…let’s try a different element,” she said. She pointed to the fire and suddenly the ground around the fire rose up and covered it.

“There are always more solutions to a problem,” she said philosophically. Edward raised his hand and concentrated.

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