File 0001.2: The Fantastical Tale of Mister Edinger part 2

After 15 minutes Edward came across a crossroad. Here he had a choice to make.

Left meant, the short route and he would be home soon, straight-ahead meant the long route, which would take him three to four hours to finish. As he pledged himself to do his due diligence of doing his ten thousand steps he was tempted to go this way, however somehow the right path seemed very tempting to him today.

He didn’t even know why…he never went right, for his whole life he had visited this forest and somehow he never went to the right path. Come to think of it…he could not remember ever having seen the path before.

“No, that’s ridicilous, of course this path has always been here…I just never cared enough to look at it,” he said to himself.

He looked ahead. The path seemed just as ordinary as the other two options. He, of course, did not know where it would lead but he knew the forest quite well and he did know it was impossible to end up so far away he could not easily get home.

He looked at the straight path and to the left thinking it over. Then nodded to himself and went right. He had no plans and wanted to see something new….or probably a bunch of pine trees that looked exactly like the pine trees on the straight and left path.

After walking for a minute or ten with indeed seeing a number of the same pine trees as on the other paths he started to regret his decision and wondering if he should turn back now and go the one the paths that he knew but a strange feeling inside him said to move onwards. He reminded himself he had nowhere to be so it didn’t matter how long it would take for him to get back home. After seeing the same kind of pine trees for another couple of minutes the path split up again. He looked left and he looked right. It looked like the left path would lead out of the forest as it seemed the forest was getting thinner there. The right path looked exactly like the path he came from.

He decided to go right. The forest seemed to be getting thicker and the branches with leaves above him were blocking the sun. He could feel a cool breeze in his neck which motivated him to walk on. He noticed that his headache at almost gone.

A root on the ground disagreed with that notion and Edward tripped and fell over hitting his head on a trunk…it was so unexpected. As if the writer wanted something to happen so people would stay tuned till the next chapter.

But I digress…

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