File 0002.0: And I will write 200 words and I will write 200 more

200 words each day, If I can keep that up it will be 73.000 words at the end of the year. That is 23.000 more than what’s required for NaNoWriMo.

Of course, those 50.000 you would need to write in a month, not in a year but still, 73.000 is very close to the average size of a novel (about 80k). Of course, I’m not writing one single novel, I’m dividing my writing assignment between “columns”, The Fantastical Tale, and my new collection of short stories, which I am hoping to release this year.

I have gotten in a few snags 14 days into this project (yes, let’s call it a project, that sounds more professional). Life will always find a way where you cannot always do what you want and then sometimes you miss a day. Luckily with only 200 words, it’s easy to catch up, which was one of the main reasons why I chose this specific amount. (I was also copying this random Reddit post, hey nowhere did I claim this idea was original).

So how’s the juggling going?

Well actually, I hit some sort of mental roadblock which I need to break and that’s the part where I have to continue from 3 throws to 4 throws. I can now “easily” do three throws (so left-right-left-stop and right-left-right-stop). And the next step would be: left-right-left-right-stop but somehow I cannot compel myself easily to make the last right. I had this issue for a bit before when I went from two to three balls so I know I can break it but it’s frustrating if you try for what feels like hours and you seem to be getting worse. Anyway, I have not put an end date on when I need to be able to juggle so it’s not that I’m missing deadlines so I’m not too worried about it and I still practice each day, sometimes with the toys of my daughter instead of juggling balls but you know, you have too because…kids man…they’ll ruin any kind of planning you can make and look to darn cute when they do it so you can’t get angry. There are three things certain in life, Death, taxes, any plans made don’t count when dealing with a baby, and wannabe writers who can’t count to three.

Hopefully, soon I feel I’m up to writing another D.A.D. Files post, aside from loving the punny title I do like to talk about my daughter (sorry, friends, family, colleagues…other people I meet) but I don’t want to sound too repetitive (soooo…how is writing about you writing stuff not repetitive then? I hear you ask)

And maybe I should try and write some reviews like I did back in the day, that could be fun. However, mostly I’m watching stuff that already came out years ago so the reviews might not be of something new. So if you are really curious about my opinion about Smallville, stay tuned!


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