File 0001.6: New year, new plan 

I used to be against New years resolutions as a concept as life usually doesn’t start anew at the beginning of a year and stuff from the old year passes on into the new year, however, I guess getting older seems to have changed my perspective and I find it having an arbitrary date to start new stuff or hold yourself accountable working for me. 

Of course, I could have chosen February 16 as an arbitrary date but you know…why fight with convention. 

So, one of my resolutions this year is that I want to write more and in doing so I set myself the task of writing at least 200 words a day. Do you wanna know how many words 200 words a day is? It’s about 50 more words than what I have written so far. 

“But Erik, that’s nothing? Why so little?” I hear you ask in my sugar-deprived brain (one of my other resolutions naturally).  

Well, frankly… Reddit? I saw a story and I’m not sure how true it is, about how Terry Pratchett wrote only 400 words a day and he wrote over 100 books. If he can do 400, I can do 200 I thought (and also the writer of this story on Reddit thought the same. And tadaa, I was right, because I already managed to get to my goal today. This doesn’t mean of course I have to stop at 200, it just means that 200 is an attainable goal and that if I want to write more or have more time I can do so. I can finish this blog post for example. Or if I’m writing a new section of my work-in-progress book I can continue as long as I just get this arbitrary number.  

 I’m reminded by another post I read or it could have been a tik tok (because it’s 2024 and all content is now acquired via tik tok so it seems) where a user stated that even doing something for a little bit is better than not doing it at all. If I run for only 5 minutes that is still 5 minutes more than not doing it at all. If I write 200 words, it’s still better than not writing anything at all.  

I claim to love writing so why don’t I write? It takes not long, sometimes only 5 minutes to write at least 200 words. As long as I can keep convincing myself that I can do this and this worthwhile I might be able to publish another book this year. Or at least update my blog weekly. If not for someone to enjoy it, at least for myself to justify the expense of having the website.  

So yes, random blog posts are back and of course, I will update the Fantastical Tale of Mr Edinger more frequently. Along with maybe small snippets are updates about the other book I’m writing. I’m also learning how to juggle…in the literal sense…not the metaphorical sense.  

Wish me luck! 


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